Ford Produces More Electric Than Gasoline-Powered Mustangs

If you still can’t believe that electric cars are displacing internal combustion vehicles, take a look at some surprising numbers from America’s oldest automaker. Ford Motor Company leaked today the information that more electric versions of the iconic Ford Mustang, the Mach-E, have been produced so far since the beginning of the year, with 27,816 vehicles, than of the gasoline version, with 26,089. That means the Mexico factory that makes the electric Mustang surpassed the one in Michigan, where only internal combustion versions are made.

To be fair, however, it has to be said that the worldwide chip shortage has also contributed to this to a certain extent. Currently, all manufacturers are suffering from a lack of chips, which are necessary for the control and monitoring of various components in vehicles. The shortage of chips is contributing to the fact that almost all manufacturers are having to curtail or even temporarily halt production. Ford has therefore prioritized the electric Mustang and is ensuring that the electric Ford Mustang is served first and foremost, the Michigan plant is therefore not running at full capacity and even did not produce a single Mustang in May.

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Nevertheless, this is significant news because even fans of traditional manufacturers are jumping on the electric versions and giving them preference. Ford itself expects that by 2030 forty percent of all Ford models sold will be electric. The Bronco SUV and the Ford F150 Lightning are the other models that Ford already offers or will offer.

But other figures also show the popularity of the Mach-E. In Norway, for example, it was the best-selling vehicle in May. With 1,384 new registrations, it was ahead of the Skoda Enyaq (795 units) and the Volkswagen ID.4 (774 units). Norway is leading the way in electromobility, with the share of new registrations of pure battery electric vehicles now at over 60 percent. Diesel and gasoline engines together account for only 16.3 percent of new registrations.

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