German VW Dealers Report Massive Drop in New Orders for Gasoline and Diesel Models

On a German electric car forum, users report talking to salespeople at their local VW dealers, who are almost exclusively now only receiving new orders for ID.3 and ID.4 (two all-electric cars) from private and corporate customers. One dealer has not received a single order for an internal combustion vehicle so far in June, while another reports that three-quarters of all new orders have been electric cars.

Had an interesting phone call with our VW dealer today.
What do you guess: What percentage of new car orders in the month of June 2021, were all-electric VW models at this dealership?
Answer is in the comments, please guess first and then look. It’s only about customer orders and not used and annual car sales.

Mario Schmidt

Ok, here is the answer right away. The sales rep doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry about it at the moment. There has been a trend towards the electric models for months. But nobody expected something like now in June! The dealership hasn’t ordered a single combustion engine vehicle from Volkswagen. All private and business customers have ordered only ID.3 and ID.4. 100% electric. They are at a loss. Many potential internal combustion customers, who would actually have to order now because the lease is about to expire, are waiting. Many also ask for a short-term lease extension.
I personally find this really interesting. Is anyone here still employed by the VW dealer and is this the case everywhere? Or is that absolute coincidence that it “hit” the branch like that?

Mario Schmidt

when I ordered another ID.4 the other day (end of May) my sales rep told me that they had sold well over 75% e-cars so far in 2021 … so not 100% as with the dealer but still the majority electric cars …

Andreas Schnederle-Wagner

This anecdotal and non-representative observation goes hand in hand with the registration figures for electric cars, which are rising sharply, and the surprising announcements by manufacturers such as Audi, for example, that they now no longer intend to develop internal combustion cars from as early as 2025.

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