Cruise Builds Large Charging Station in San Francisco

GM Cruise, the developer of self-driving cars, will build a large charging station in San Francisco for its fleet of electric robot cabs. The charging park, located in the Dogpatch District at 630, 640 and 800 Cesar Chavez Street, is expected to be operational no later than 2022, with an initial 50 charging stations and up to 100 charging stations as it expands. The company has applied for a permit to build the charging stations. Incidentally, this is not far from the Waymo depot where their test vehicles are parked and serviced.

Charging Station Renderings (C) Cruise

Cruise Automation was acquired by General Motors a few years ago for nearly $1 billion and is developing self-driving car technology. Development is taking place primarily in San Francisco, and the latest figures in the 2020 Disengagement Report show Cruise just behind Waymo In December, Cruise also began test drives without a driver on board.

Since Cruise became a part of GM, the company has used electric Chevrolet Bolts for development runs. These vehicles are specially adapted for autonomous vehicles and a design without a steering wheel has already been presented.

This article was also published in German.

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