Halloween Witches Perform Ritual Around Waymo

It wouldn’t be San Francisco if it weren’t for the occasional wacky incident. On Halloween, witches and sorcerers appeared out of nowhere, performing some kind of mystical ritual around Waymo robotaxis and casting spells. But they didn’t wear normal witches’ hats, they wore hats that resembled construction cones in shape and color. And robotaxis are programmed to recognize these and to drive around them or to stop in front of them, as the anti-robotaxi group Safe Street Rebels has already demonstrated.

What exactly these magic formulas – or were they curses? – were supposed to accomplish is not known to us. But for many, both witches and AI-controlled autonomous cars are probably magic above all else.

Week of Cone RETURNS for halloween. This time, witches adorned with traffic cone hats perform a ritual on a waymo pic.twitter.com/OxFzdh7Kto

— Danielle Baskin (@djbaskin) October 29, 2023

This article was also published in German.

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