Tesla Activates Interior Camera With Latest Software Update

In the latest software update 2021.4.15.11, Tesla has now also activated the installed interior camera. As reported a few weeks ago, the camera records where the driver’s attention is focused. In doing so, it records the driver’s eyes, head position and the like.

The update apparently came after recent incidents in which Tesla owners recorded themselves tricking Autopilot on their social media channels by sitting in the passenger seat or the back row of seats and letting Autopilot illegally control the vehicle with the driver’s seat empty. Some accidents were also attributed to autopilot failure, which has since been proven to be false.

According to the notes in the software update, the data recorded in the passenger compartment is not transmitted to Tesla. With this function, the driver can now be monitored and the system can warn him if he is not alert.

Future Angst

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Das Buch erscheint am 19.8.2021 und kann hier bereits vorbestellt werden.

This article was also published in German.

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